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Our Team:  We care.  We care about our exhibitors, our visitors and our shows. We need our exhibitors and our visitors to be happy to make our shows an all round success.

Websites:  We have an individual Website for every show we organise and a specialist one for our exhibitors.  This is so we can tailor make that website to the event it is promoting, as all our events are different and unique in their own way.  

Facebook:  We have a Facebook page for every show we organise and one for our exhibitors so our Facebook advertising is extremely clear and concise for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Advertising:   We have finalised this years extensive advertising campaign which again will see an increased spend.  This is so we can work extremely hard to bring in more visitors so our exhibitors do well at all of our shows.   

Price Freezes:  We will be holding our visitor prices to ensure good attendances and happy visitors.

Discounted Websites:  Again, we would like to reiterate, we do not use any of the discounted sites such as Groupon.  We feels this undervalues a show and many people do not turn up or turn up spending no money.  We also do not give away free tickets.  

Duplication:  We do not oversell our trade stands. We have an obligation to our exhibitors to ensure that there are not too many stalls selling the same products. 

Promoting our Exhibitors:  All our exhibitors are invited to advertise and offer "free of charge" a show special in our Show Booklet/Programme which we will be giving out to all visitors at the gate.  The cost of this Booklet will be covered by ourselves.  We tested this last year and it worked extremely well.

Multiple Show Discounts:   We offer extensive discounts if you do several shows with us.  If you book up to 3 shows you receive 10%, if you book up to 5 shows you receive15% and if you book all our shows you receive 20%.

Venues:  Our venues are unique, beautiful and different and are chosen to suit the specific show we are organising.  For example our Framlingham Country Show with the backdrop of Framlingham Castle "the Castle on the Hill"  Ed Sheeran's new song.

FULL:  AMUSEMENTS CONCESSION:  We are very lucky to have filled all these positions for all our shows very quickly so I am afraid we do not have any available.  Should you wish to go on our waiting list or be considered for 2020 please send an email and you will immediately go on the list.

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Our Story - Quintessentially British Events

Our Vision - Supporting British Industry

We are a small events company who puts on Country and Christmas shows.  Our heart and soul goes into every show we put on which is a small number a year with our aim to put on Quintessentially British Events with true British Quirkiness.

Our aim is to support British Industry wherever possible.  Whether it be small producers, British craftspeople or British business.